Red Bull Mississippi Grind

In the fall of 2011, Upper River Services (URS) partnered with Red Bull and Living Lands and Waters to provide a mobile, river skateboarding experience that kicked off in St. Paul, MN.  URS facilitated the project by obtaining the barge and providing a staging and assembly area for the construction of the skate park.  Both small-town and professional skaters could show off their skills for thousands of fans on the Mississippi River. Click here to see the video.



The Red Bull Mississippi Grind Skate Park was built on a flat deck barge that measured 195 feet long and 35 feet wide. The barge first traveled up the Mississippi River from St. Louis to St. Paul, where we began adding park elements created by Spohn Ranch.


Spohn Ranch has designed courses for the X Games, in addition to nearly every major skateboard and BMX competition. In all, the company has helped create more than 1,000 skate parks during 25-plus years of general design and construction experience.


For the Red Bull Mississippi Grind barge park, Spohn Ranch designed a plaza-style park built mostly from concrete. Custom-made to maximize the features of the barge, this park looks and skates like none other.