Barge Repair

Marine Way

URS operates two full-service repair facilities within the Saint Paul Harbor. We operate a dry dock rated at 400 tons which enables us to pick one end of a standard, jumbo-sized barge (200’ x 35’ x 14’) out of the water. Since there are 58 feet between the wing walls, the dry dock can pick many different sized excursion and recreational boats for underwater inspection or repair, as well.

We also operate a Marine Way capable of pulling an entire jumbo-sized barge out of the water. The Marine Way consists of a cart and rail system, which allows us to move as many as four barges inland, so that multiple, major repair jobs can take place simultaneously.

Other services provided:

  • Full machine shop
  • Welding
  • Marine engine repair
  • Audio-gauging
  • Crane barge and floating repair rigs for topside repairs in the fleet
  • Services for United States Coast Guard inspections
  • Fiberglass repair
Dry Dock
Dry Dock with the White Rock loaded
Dry Dock with a barge loaded
Marine Way